Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Post: The grand experiment!

The bedroom mantel, unpainted 
Hey there! This blog is dedicated to all people who love their environments, rented or owned, enough to make them better, are addicted to color and design and who don't have buckets of $$moolah$$ to to satisfy that "decorating jones" they long to nourish. For years I have been doing houses. I have decorated to one degree or another, every house I have ever lived in. When I was a kid, I was a fool for housing my books and that is still one of my most prominent traits. 

And houses, there have been a few! And every one needed something. As years passed, the "house of my dreams" changed a hundred times! Thank God I never had a prayer answered for "my perfect house!" 

I really have no idea how to put a blog together, so this will be a work-in-progress, a learning experiment, and I hope things I like to explore will interest you too.
A close-up of the Manet copy and some lavender

Just now, I'm living in a rented house which happens to be an historic home in an ante-bellum southern town. My landlord had stripped the woodwork in the bedroom we use as the master, and does not want it painted. Respecting his wishes, I had to arrive at a happy way to think of the room without having all of the beautiful wide mouldings painted shiny white, which I love in every room. Shiny, glossy white reflects light so beautifully and makes a room look cheerful and happy. 

I lived with the natural wood for a while trying to decide how to think of the room, since I could not make it look the way I wanted it to. It is an east facing room, so the morning sun is always there to brighten the room on a sunny day. The more I woke in the room, I began to think of it as my "French farmhouse bedroom." A French farmhouse would not necessarily have all white mouldings, would it? Most definitely not. I added some things to the mantel where the sun makes beautiful shadows in the morning. 


  1. This is brilliant! You were born to do this. I will love following your logging journey!

  2. Blog. Log. Slog. Thank you Anita... it is going to be all of that! I appreciate your encouragement and your faith!